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Charla Young is an author, blogger, motivational speaker, internet radio show host and the television talk show host of an empowerment reality studio show. Launched in January of this year, Power to Change TV aired initially on a Louisville FOX news affiliate connecting with more than 150,000 viewers in the first six months. The show is now viewed in 13 countries and has gained so much notoriety in its first few months, the show sold out of available commercial space, outgrew the original taping venue and gained the opportunity to be broadcast as a lead-in to popular soap opera “Days of our Lives” on the Louisville NBC News affiliate this fall.

Charla Young’s broad appeal radiates from over two decades of award winning journalism, including runs with ABC, CBS, NBC, and FOX news affiliates in three states. Her reputation as a community and consumer advocate crosses state lines and radiates with everyone she meets. Charla is known for her intensity, compassion, strategic thinking, and effectiveness, on behalf of “the least of them”. In her role as a “Troubleshooter” for the NBC news affiliate, the bottom line for tens of thousands of viewers was the recovery of over five million dollars to the pockets of those who needed a resourceful, determined ally in less than three years.

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